Wednesday, November 5, 2014


I'm having computer issues. I'm seriously annoyed. Testing this out because I'm about to lose my mind.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

2014 Summer Bucket List

So I haven’t posted anything on here since November!  Yikes!  There is alot to catch up on, though to be honest I probably won’t.  But I did want to share my 2014 Summer Bucket List and this was the best place to do that!  So I give to you the list!

Roller Skating



Lego Land




Pool Days


Splash Pad

Bike & Scooter

Ice Cream Truck

Make Our Own Popsicles


Summer Reading Challenge


Pizza Tour



Beltline Field Trip

Random Act of Kindness

Glass Blowing


Sky View

Make A Birdhouse

Weird Science

The Lakes Boys Chefs

Build A Free Library

Grandma & Papa Visits

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I got the best email from Riley’s teacher this week after he spent the weekend with his brothers at Grandma and Papa’s house…

Just in case I don’t see you this afternoon, I had to tell you this. Riley just cracks me up! So I was sitting with him at lunch and I asked him what he did at his grandparents. He nonchalantly says (and lowers his voice), “Oh my brother and I went to the park and got a coffee….We hit some balls, you know, played some golf and had a pretty good day.” HAHA!!! He is a trip!

He is a trip, indeed!

Monday, October 28, 2013

5th Annual Lakes Family Halloween Spooktacular

EEEEP!  I LOVE Halloween and I LOVE our party!  Every year the costumes just keep getting better and better!  In honor of it being the 5th year, we decided to award costume prizes!  We weren’t super organized on how we were going to do this but I mention below who the winners are next to their picture! 

This year we had a new house to decorate and we hosted our first major party in the house.  I was a little nervous about how it would all come together, but it turns out this house is great for big parties! 

One of my favorite parts was the fact that we have a mantle now to decorate!  Last year I had it on my list to print out and frame all of our past Halloween costume pictures but I never did.  This year though I got on the ball and LOVE how this turned out!!!


Take a picture of me!!!!


And thanks to Pinterest, we created this Frankenstein window decoration after school one day!


The other cool thing was that we had an actual bar to put the “chili bar” on!  And it was up high enough the littles couldn’t touch the hot pots!


The dining room, the place where all the little goblin grub was and where people could actually sit down to eat this year!


The desert table:  mini chocolate chip pumpkin muffins, peanut butter and chocolate rice krispie treats and witches hats!

IMG_1735 IMG_1738 IMG_1739   

My little helpers, good fine motor skill activity, unwrapping all the hershey kisses for the witches hats!


Who doesn’t love a drink bar with FUN straws?


And the usual goody bags with mini play-doh cans, fangs and free frosty coupons!


Now on to the costumes!!!  In a galaxy far, far away….


Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Yoda, and Boba Fett.


But as he proclaimed for days and days and eventually that day “I NOT Baby Yoda!!!”


Yabba Dabba Do!  Who You Gonna Call???

IMG_1744 IMG_1745

Peter Pan & Tinkerbell….#MILF and Santa

IMG_1750 IMG_1752

Gator Fans (For A Win!)……Grumpy Cat, Captain Jack Sparrow, Fred Flintstone

IMG_1754 IMG_1755

101 Dalmations!!!  Simply amazing!

101dalmations IMG_1757

dia de los muertos!!!  For the win!!!  I mean, my friends are amazing!


 IMG_1759 IMG_1760

Not A Stripper!


The Magic School Bus, also amazing!!


The picked the best pumpkin!  ;)  FLETCH!!

 IMG_1764 IMG_1766

Princess Leia and R2D2


Two Cinderellas, Prince Charming and little Gus Gus!  And Sue Sylvester and her Cheerios (also for a win!)!!

IMG_1773 IMG_1776

Two piggies, a power ranger and captain america….walked into a bar, ha!  Dracula, Gem and Samurai Warrior!


Brother-Sister Duo Ratatouille and Ninja!

IMG_1778 IMG_1779  

The Von Trapp Family!!!!  And Vader-Man!

IMG_1782 IMG_1780

And the lame award goes to someone who actually later completely redeemed himself at the grown-ups after party!  A Before and After!  That is a working keg tap ladies and gentlemen!  Yes, I tried it out.

IMG_1781   IMG_1798

I was busy running around talking to people, checking on food, taking pictures etc that I never even made it out on to the backyard until way late when people started to leave, so this is the only picture I have of any of the kids in the backyard.  I heard at one point it was more like a scene out of Lord of the Flies.  Considering their was 130 RSVP’s 67 adults to 63 kids, I don’t doubt it was!


And before Princess Leia headed out for another party, she stopped to read Yoda-Spiderman “The Lakes Boys Book”!


And I have to share a few of the awesome costumes from the grown-up party too because they are just too good not to share!

IMG_1804 IMG_1805 IMG_1810 IMG_1811 IMG_1813 IMG_1814 IMG_1803